In Memory

Remembering Our Classmates

Annette Adams (12-21-2017)

Randolph Cannonier (3-9-2018)

Paula Carty (8-19-2012)

Glanville Claxton (unknown)

Leonis Dinzey-Boyce (10-2-2012)

Mabel Doway-Harrigan (7-7-2011) 

Errol Foreman (4-9-1993)

Oster Henry (10-23-2009)

Royden Elderfield "Rochester" Lewis (9-16-2008)

Glen Marsh (5-6-2017)

Byron Martin (7-12-04)

Vanrine Peets (unknown)

Ellis Petty  (9-16-2017)

Cecil Potter (7-6-2012)

Luella Richards (2-22-2009)

Cromwell Rogers (7-xx-1978)

Janice Rodgers (unknown)

Neal Sprauve (2018)

Ronnie Ero Stagger (6-1-1996)

George Thomas (unknown)

Adrian Vaughan (7-25-2017)

Harriet Webster (unknown)

May they rest in eternal peace.




By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Adrian Vaughan (Deceased 2017)  

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